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What’s the point…

“Dad,” I said, “I want to go to the Moon.”
“Certainly,” he answered and looked back at his book.
I said, “Dad, please! I’m serious.”
This time he closed the book on a finger and said gently, “I said it was all right. Go ahead.”
“Yes … but how?”
“Eh?” He looked mildly surprised. “Why, that’s your problem, Clifford.”
— Robert A. Heinlein

I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for quite a while, but what is pushing me now into doing this is an online course that I am doing. It’s using digital media in education. And here is the third thing you’re learning about me — I am a teacher and I thrive on student tears (because what teacher doesn’t, right?).

The second thing you must have noticed is that I love science fiction (and fantasy, and other books, and all sorts of geeky stuff), therefore the quote from “Have Space Suit — Will Travel”. It doesn’t only represent my love of sci-fi, it is also an excellent illustration of an educational or parenting philosophy. Whether you agree with it or not is a different matter, but I definitely can appreciate the supportive nature of Clifford’s father.

And, of course, the first thing you learnt about me — I live in a jungle with a donkey. By the way, I am planning to only use photos taken by either my wife or me, so all the photos are original and carefully selected by the donkey.

And this is what i hope to do with this blog:

My work cup
  • I’d like to explore the concept of critical thinking through a variety of lenses. As a teacher, I’ll probably start and carry on with a lot of thoughts on how or why it is incorporated in education, but we’ll see how (or if) it goes forward.
  • Writing is a neat way to relax and think. This provides great focus and, hopefully, allows the writer to develop. So, the plan is rather selfish at its core.
  • And I am hoping that this may even help someone out there to enhance their teaching and learning practices. If, by some inexplicable fluke of magical powers, you find something useful in any of the posts, feel free to try it out and tell me how it went. Reflecting on your practices is very important and it can do wonders to your teaching practices. Do it. Reflect, use and share. Or don’t.

Follow your heart.

— Steve

Thank you for getting this far through my first post on this blog. Unfortunately there is no prize for those who made it, other than my gratitude.

One more thing, my name is Yury and I hope to see you in my blog again.


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